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The Light and Fast ORGANISATION


The Light and Fast ORGANISATION


The Light and Fast Organisation presents a blueprint for organisations looking to thrive in today's rapidly evolving business landscape. VUCA - Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity - has become the dominant mode of modern business, and many of us are overwhelmed.

Competition and instability has increased while barriers to entry have fallen, chronic employee disengagement is on the rise, and the global economic recovery is incredibly fragile; business leaders are uncomfortable, with threats to their business looming on all sides.

This book proposes an alternative approach to the VUCA paradigm, one in which we learn to embrace uncertainty and get comfortable with the discomfort that uncertainty brings.

Derived from a specialist subset of the mountaineering community, the solution is to move light and fast through the new business landscape, rescinding our reliance upon external and organisational structures, and instead relying upon our ourselves and our teammates.

And whilst business and mountaineering share many parallels, they have never before been explored in the business context beyond superficial colloquialisms about ‘dreaming big’ and ‘never giving up’. But such simple interpretations and supposed ‘lessons’ will no longer cut it in today’s rapidly changing and complex world.

In this book, Patrick Hollingworth introduces a refreshingly new and insightful perspective in which he examines the light and fast approach and arms you, and the organisation you work for, with the right mindset and skills to take advantage of the opportunities ahead.



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About the Author

About the Author

Patrick Hollingworth works with people, teams and organisations to help them deal with a world which is becoming more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous by the day.

After studying anthropology, geography and psychology at university, he spent a decade with a large international consultancy, working on the some of the largest and most complex infrastructure projects ever built in Australia. He’s seen the very best of what large organisations can create, and also the very worst.

At the same time he began exploring the uncertainty and complexity which go hand in hand with mountaineering. Firstly, he learned the art of alpine style in the mountains of New Zealand, Canada and France, and then the science of expedition style in the mountains of Pakistan, Nepal, Tibet, Alaska and Argentina.

It’s taken him to great heights—literally. He’s summited multiple 8000 metre peaks, including Mount Everest. Over the past 15 years he’s been a member of small light and fast alpine-style teams, and he’s led rather large heavy and slow expedition-style teams. He’s seen the very best of what alpine style can offer, and also the very worst of what expedition style can deliver.

So Patrick lives and breathes this stuff.

Patrick is based in Australia and travels internationally to deliver keynote presentations, workshops, mentoring and consulting to a range of organisations. These include multinational companies such as British retailer Marks and Spencers, American energy giant Chevron and British-Australian miner Rio Tinto, through to mid-sized, Australian, Asian and European banks, medical and technology companies, and government departments and educational institutions.

Find out more at www.patrickhollingworth.com

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